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Addiction is a common issue in the United States. While it might surprise some people, the fact is that approximately one in nine to one in 10 people is addicted to drugs or alcohol right now. That's a huge number, but with support from the free advisory service that Cape Girardeau Drug Rehab Centers provides, you can begin the process of getting clean and sober. The fact is that addiction takes time to develop, and if you're like many addicts, your situation will only get worse the longer you wait. Take the first step toward a better life and get into treatment now. Professional programs have helped countless addicts before you, and once you get treatment, you'll only wish you'd made the call sooner.

Call us at (573) 355-5604 now to learn more about addiction and how professional treatment can help you change the course of your life. Our addiction professionals are standing by to field your call now. Call before it's too late to make the changes you need to make to live the right way - the way you deserve to live.

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Do I Have an Addiction?

Addiction is something everybody understands when a person is living in the street and spending all of their time looking to score drugs or alcohol. Not every addict lives that way though. That doesn't mean you don't have a serious problem.

There are shades and tones of addiction that many people simply don't understand. If you're in the early stages of addiction, you may not even realize that you need addiction treatment at a quality drug rehab in Cape Girardeau, or even a more specialized alcohol rehab in Cape Girardeau.

Common signs that you may need serious professional help to get clean and sober include:

  • You spend a majority of your time trying to find drugs or considering using drugs. Drugs and alcohol shouldn't take up all of your daily energy. If that's happening to you, you need professional help to get your life back under control.
  • You've stopped enjoying time with friends and family or hobbies you used to enjoy. Addicts spend more time doing drugs or drinking and less time on things they once cared about. Help from professionals who understand addiction can end this harmful cycle for good.
  • You have trouble with friends or family because of your drinking or drug use. Many addicts attempt to hide this from the people they care about but are unable to do so for long periods of time.
  • You have legal trouble or you've lost your job because of your substance abuse. You can get your life back once this happens, but you need real professional help to do it.
  • You can't control the amount of drugs or alcohol that you consume at any given point. Once your addiction is fully active, you won't be in control of what you do in many cases. You need help since this can put you at very serious risk. Addicts die from overconsumption of drugs and alcohol every day.

These are just a few signs and symptoms of addiction. Reach out to us now to learn more about how we can help you find treatment today.

Can Cape Girardeau Drug Rehab Centers Help?

No matter how severe your addiction is there are professional treatment programs that can make a difference. Detox, inpatient, and outpatient care are your first line of defense against long-term addiction.

Pick up the phone and dial (573) 355-5604 right now. We can help you connect with treatment centers that understand your addiction, whatever it may be. Get help today by simply picking up the phone and taking the first step toward a better life for yourself and your family.

Dealing with an addiction can be tremendously challenging for anyone who is struggling. While many people who don't have substance abuse issues believe that addiction is something that willpower can fix, experts and addicts know better. For many addicts, returning to sobriety requires serious professional treatment.

No matter how long you've been an addict there are options out there to help you end the cycle of abuse you're locked into. Pick up the phone and call Cape Girardeau Drug Rehab Centers now. Our trained advisors are waiting to take your call so they can help you learn more about your treatment options.

It's never too late to turn back the hands of the clock and begin living a clean, happy, healthy and sober life again. You are worth the effort, so pick up the phone and make the call right now.

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